2011 CIVU's 2nd Bimonthly Lecture

CIVU held its 2nd bimonthly lecture on April 26, 2011, featuring Dr. Joy Marburger, who spoke to the 40-strong audience on her observations and reflections on the experience in science education in China and the US.

The speech drew science professors from Valparaiso University, and science teachers from area schools such as Ivy Tech Community College, Culver Academies, Washington Township High School, Portage High School, and even the principal of Concord High School, who all aimed at learning from Dr. Marburger’s presentation how science education is done in China and what experience they could get from their Chinese counterparts.

Dr. Marburger focused on the similarities and differences between China and the US in terms of policy on science education, curriculum design, teacher training, resources, and so on. She also compared school hardware conditions in China and the US.

The lecture ended with questions and answers on the current situation and development of Chinese education in elementary and middle/high schools.

 (Text by Liu Jiangang, photo by Geng Di, CIVU)

2011 CIVU's 2nd Bimonthly Lecture