CIVU’s Presentation on the Chinese Economic Miracle

On April 29, 2011, the Valparaiso International Center hosted its 4th Friday Night Cultural Insights, this time highlighting the Chinese Economic Miracle. The purpose of doing so was to help Valpo citizens learn about “the incredible economic growth that has changed Chinese society, and its cultural missions here in the US and specially Valparaiso,” as stated in its flyer.

Professor Liu Jiangang, Associate Director of the CIVU, was invited to make a keynote speech on “30 Years of Changes in China”, on behalf of the CIVU. He spoke on the establishment of special economic zones in the late 1970s and early 1980s, economic growth, education, life expectancy, citizens’ living standards, and so on—various aspects showing how China’s opening up and reform has benefited the Chinese people.

Dr. Jaishankar Raman, Associate Professor of Economics, VU, also made a presentation. He greatly commended Deng Xiaoping’s pragmatic theories such as “crossing the river by feeling the stones underneath”, and “allowing some people to get rich first”. He summarized China’s reform as “The right person did the right thing at the right time,” and it has not only benefited China but also the world.

The audience were very enthusiastic and raised many questions. What’s the difference between the Yuan and RMB? What are the current situations and tendencies of China’s one-child policy, to mention just a few. Mr. Duane Davison, one of the audience, and Mr. Andrew Jones, organizer of this forum, engaged themselves in a continued discussion long after the forum came to a close. 

(Text by Liu Jiangang and Zhang Rong, photo by Zhang Rong, CIVU)