2011 CIVU’s Chinese Music Concert

The evening of April 25, 2011, saw the Duesenburg Recital Hall of VU fully seated by audience appreciating a high-class Chinese music concert featuring the visiting Faculty Quintet of the China Conservatory of Music, a top-class institution specializing in the education of Chinese music in China. The group, headed by Professor Zhao Talimu, President of the CCM, had performed for the 2nd UN Chinese Language Day in the UN on April 20, and for the 10th China Bridge Competition—US Midwest Regional organized by the Confucius Institute at Purdue University on April 23.

Accompanying the distinguished performers were the Valparaiso University Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Dennis Friesen-Carper, the Valparaiso University Traditional Chinese Music Ensemble, headed by Professor Meng Jianyun, Director of the CIVU, and the Thea Bowman Leadership Academy Traditional Chinese Music Ensemble.

The music dedicated to the enthusiastic audience were Kangding Love Song (康定情歌), Mongolian Reverie (蒙风), both by the Chinese musicians and the VU Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Dennis Friesen-Carper; Pipa and Guzheng duet, A Moonlit Night on the Spring River (春江花月夜), by Yang Tingting (Pipa) and Wang Zhongshan (Guzheng); Yangqin solo, The Beautiful Countryside (乡村抒怀), by Li Lingling; Pipa solo, The Dancing Music of the Yi Ethnic Minority People (彝族舞曲), by Yang Tingting; Guzheng solo, A Fisherman’s Evening Song (渔舟唱晚), by Wang Zhongshan; Xiao solo, Wild Geese on the Calm Sands (平沙落雁), by Zhang Weiliang; Erhu solo, Birds Warbling in Tranquil Mountains (空山鸟语), by Song Fei; Quintet, Deep in the Night, by the CCM Faculty; and joint ensembles, Dragon Dance (金蛇狂舞), Jasmine Flower (茉莉花) and Ode to Joy (欢乐颂), all by the CCM musicians, the VU Chamber Orchestra and the  Thea Bowman Leadership Academy Traditional Chinese Music Ensemble.

Attending the performance were VU teachers, staff and students, CIVU students, Valpo citizens, and students, teachers and parents from Thea Bowman Leadership Academy.

Provost Mark Schwehn of VU, in his opening remarks, commented: “The China Conservatory of Music, as we all know, is the highest educational institution for Chinese music in the world, and all the members of the Faculty Quintet are internationally acclaimed soloists and hold highest positions in their professions. We at Valpo feel deeply honored to host you and your performance.”

(Text by Liu Jiangang, photo by He Jun, CIVU)

2011 Chinese Music Concert