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Executive Development Institute Saves Businesses Money and Time

Valparaiso, IN.—Imagine your customer satisfaction increasing from 16% to 80%--and imagine that one improvement project, mentored by a seasoned practicing professional who teaches at Valparaiso University, could inspire that change.

Or imagine yourself looking for great new opportunity—and while you’re doing that, taking a course in which you are leading an actual project for your current employer.  Imagine yourself earning a certification and, within 3 months, moving your career to the next level because of the extra skillset that you have gained and the results that your project has produced.

Organizational pipe dreams?


These are only two examples of how Valparaiso University’s new Executive Development Institute has, in the past 12 months, helped businesses thrive and individuals improve their career chances.  Says Director Sonja Streuber, “having faculty on board who really understands, and has successfully navigated through, the challenges that businesses face in this kind of economy, is making a great impact on our students.   Aside from the necessary theoretical foundations, they are getting the real-life practical training that results in immediate productivity at work.”

To learn more about what the Executive Development Institute has to offer to businesses and learners, please go to http://www.valpo.edu/continuinged/edi.php