Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society


ASL Inductees 2007Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society is a national honor society that recognizes the hard work, dedication, and achievements of outstanding nontraditional students. There are presently 81 members and 14 honorary faculty members in Alpha Sigma Lambda’s Alpha Tau Chapter at Valparaiso University which began in 1999. It is a non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of scholarship and leadership among adults continuing their education. Established in 1945, the Society has over 300 chapters throughout the United States. 

The mission of the Alpha Tau chapter is to create a comfortable atmosphere for the nontraditional student body by not only becoming a liaison between students and the administration, but also to assist and guide new and returning students on the path to a successful and pleasant learning experience at VU.

ASL has worked on community service projects as well as fund-raisers. In the past, Alpha Sigma Lambda participated in the campus-wide Adopt-a-Family program, helping to provide Christmas gifts and necessities for a low income family. Alpha Sigma Lambda has also sold sweatshirts and t-shirts that feature the College of Adult Scholars logo. To be eligible for nomination, a student must be:

  1. 25 years or older;
  2. matriculated;
  3. have a minimum of 30 graded credit hours, of which 15 are outside of the major. (Transfer credits are not included.);
  4. have a minimum GPA of 3.2;
  5. in the top 10% of the class.


Through ASL's fundraising efforts, the Alpha Tau chapter has awarded numerous scholarships to non-traditional students since its incorporation at Valparaiso University in 1999.  Our biggest fundraising event, candle sales (Yankee and Gold Canyon) will kick off in late September. 

If you would like to make a donation to the ASL scholarship fund, please contact the Continuing Education office at 219-464-5313 or e-mail

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