Welcome to the Continuing Education Division
 David Rowland
 David Rowland, Ph.D.
Dean of Continuing Education

As a student in the Continuing Education Division at VU, we understand that you have special needs and interests. For example, we recognize that you are interested in getting through college as quickly as possible and that you are constantly in search of the best value for your money.

Because we work exclusively with adult students we will:

  • keep the "red tape" as minimal as possible; for example, by having all registration functions handled in our office,
  • keep you informed of program requirements and opportunities,
  • help you succeed by supporting your endeavors, as well as helping you balance family, health, job, and education,
  • help ensure you have stimulating and relevant learning experiences,
  • respond to your questions in a timely way, via your VU email account, which you can use from your home or office,
  • give you exceptional value for your money,
  • respect the perspective that you bring to VU as a mature adult!

We hope you take time to learn more about our programs by exploring our website as well as the Valparaiso University website. We'd like to talk to you in person. It's as easy as calling 219-464-5313 or 800-821-7685; or send us an email at Continuing.Ed@valpo.edu.