Harre Union Dining Services Student Position

Core Kitchen Student Positions

Salad Assistant- Help salad production staff with cutting and cleaning raw vegetables/fruits and assisting salad staff as instructed (cross trained with deli)

Deli Help- Replenishes Founders Table/Cafe deli station Produces and stocks sandwiches, hummus, cheese & crackers along with other grab & go type products

Baker Assistant- Assists in the production of high quality baked goods from mixes and scratch recipes

Dishwasher Help- Operates dishroom equipment, while following strict sanitation guidelines, cross trains to assist storeroom and janitors as needed

Storeroom/Stocker Assistant- Functions as an attendant stocker keeping all shelves filled for customers, assists with cleaning and restocking of pots and pans if needed during the shift

Janitor Assistant- Remove trash and assist in maintaining the overall cleanliness of the facility, assists with cleaning and restocking of pots and pans during shift

Catering Department Student Positions

Waitstaff- Helps catering assistants in the set up, service, clean up, and transport needed for events

Grinders Student Positions

Baristas/Cashiers- Sets up, prepares all menu items to order, maintains area and closes down at end of shift, operates cash register accurately, quick, pleasant & personable

Founders Table/Café Student Positions

Cook’s Help/Prep (Founders Table)- Supports Line Cooks, works with bulk hot production, cold food prep, and simple line cooking. 

Servers (Founders Table)- Portions and composes plates to hand to customers. Excellent communication and customer service skills, comfortable handling food, performing basic cooking functions, cleaning and restocking, must be cross trained to cashier and work in dining room as needed

Pizza Hearth Oven Operator (Founders Table)- Oven operation techniques are relatively simple but timing and coordination during cooking is complicated and requires a special “touch”, strong line cook experience would be a good background for this position

Specials Station & Grill – Line Runner (Founders Table)- Assists line cooks and preps for area, high energy and enjoys working under pressure

Cook’s Help/Prep (Founders Table)- Supports Line CooksBasic food preparation skills (i.e. making wraps) and maintains salad/deli/soup area, prepares specialty sandwich to order.  Interacts well with clientele and is enthusiastic  

Attendant/Stocker (Founders Table & Café)

Stocks the Grab-n-Go areas and maintain cleanliness and order of dining room.  Friendly & customer oriented

Cashier (Founders Table & Café)- Accurate, quick, pleasant & personable, assists with dining room and serving area cleanliness, helps to restock as needed

Barista/Freshens (Café)- Prepares all menu items to order, maintains areas’ cleanliness and keeps product items stocked, follows strict sanitation guidelines.  Operates cash register accurately, quick, pleasant & personable

Student Manager- Oversee student employees, handle student call offs, assist manager(s) on duty


$7.75 -  Student Managers

$7.25  - Student Aids