All about Meal Plan

A la Carte at Valpo

Valpo’s a la carte mealplan provides students the flexibility to purchase an extensive selection of meals, snacks, coffee shop items, and groceries from our dining facilities at their convenience. Food items in all the dining locations are individually priced and students pay with their mealplan accounts for their selections.

Where to Eat

Valpo offers three dining facilities, with a wide range of options at each:

Founders Table – The main dining room in Harre Union offers a variety of foods – mostly prepared at four stations as you watch. The Chef’s Corner offers both comfort food and authentic ethnic dishes,Sizzle creates stir-fry and panini sandwiches,Brick Oven produces a Naples style pizza and theGrill offers burgers and more. A large garden salad bar, grab and go items and homemade soups round out the selections.

Campus Café – Located in Harre Union, features pizza & burgers, Freshens smoothies and Perks coffee bar featuring Starbucks coffee. Cafe also provides a wide selection of groceries and convenience items.

Grinders– Valpo’s cyber café on the lower level of the Christopher Center of Library and Information Resources features  Starbucks coffee. Homemade pastries, wrap sandwiches and bottled beverages also are available.

How to Use Your Card

The student OneCard I.D. (which serves as a meal card) allows cash free purchases in any dining location. Point of sale terminals are connected via communication lines to a dedicated server where each student’s dining account is maintained. A purchase made at any location immediately deducts the amount of the sale from the student’s account

Meal Plan Options

Playing on a team?

Athletes needing approximately twice the calories will probably consume twice as much food as non-athletes on campus. Therefore, the dollars that an athlete will need to spend on food are much more than their minimum buy-in level each semester.

A Training Table, offering dinner meals served Monday through Thursday in Founders Table is also available as an option.  This optional supplemental plan must be activated on line in DataVU.

Sign Up

Students who are not required (nor automatically billed for a food plan) can choose to do so online in DataVU beginning August 14th. Look for that link on the Dining Services web site.

Planning Ahead

As students utilize their food accounts, individual spending patterns develop. Any cashier will gladly tell a student his/her current balance and the mealplan accounts office will print an up-to-date, detailed report of a student’s expenditures upon request. At the end of the fall semester only, any unused balance  can be carried over and added to a newly purchased account for the spring semester. Balances carried over will not reduce the required buy-in level for the spring semester. A fall balance will not be carried over if a new account is not purchased for the spring semester. No remaining balances will be carried over at the end of the spring semester.

To supplement or reduce a food plan account, students can sell funds or buy funds from other students already on the food plan. These transfers are handled in the Dining Services office.

Students may also add to their meal plan account on line in DataVu.

Just for Food

A student’s Dining Dollars/Mealplan money is accessed by utilizing the OneCard I.D.Once the student’s mealplan option is charged to the student account, that money is available to use at any facility staffed by Dining Services. These funds should not be confused with monies on a student’s Crusader Cash Account.

Crusader Cash allows a student to pay for several other campus services including vending machines, copiers and laundry facilities, as well as selections at our Dining venues. All of the accounts are accessed through the OneCard I.D. If you have any questions regarding the accounts found on your OneCard I.D. please contact the OneCard Office.

Payment for Food

To utilize your mealplan account you must have your OneCard I.D. with you to pay for the transaction.

Lost I.D./Mealcards

A lost OneCard I.D. must be replaced. To avoid misuse a lost card must be reported immediately to a person (not left as a message on voice mail) at the OneCard office at 464-5131 or after hours or on weekends to VUPD at 464-5430. That person will freeze the lost card to prevent its unauthorized use. The university does not take responsibility for the misuse of an unreported lost card.

A replacement OneCard I.D. will be issued by the OneCard I.D. office for a $15 cash or check, replacement fee. A temporary card may be issued if needed at VUPD until the OneCard office is open and a permanent replacement can be obtained.

Guest Meals

Students are welcome to entertain members of their families or other guests at meals. Simply have the cashier ring up the guest’s charges along with the student’s purchases using the OneCard I.D. to pay.

Special Diets

Any student with a special diet concern should contact the Dining Service Director’s office. Our staff will aide you in the selection of foods served and discuss availability of other products you may require.

Removal of Supplies from the Dining Hall

China, glassware, silver and all other permanent supplies may not be removed from the dining halls. (Disposable packaging will be available for carryouts upon request). Theft is costly and will result in a fine equal to twice the replacement cost of the supplies stolen. The student(s) involved may also face further disciplinary action.

Damage to Equipment and Furnishings in Dining Areas

Any damage resulting from intentional or negligent behavior will result in charges to the student or students involved. Those charges will equal twice the replacement cost of the equipment or furnishings damaged. Further disciplinary action may also result.

Disciplinary Action

Any violation of Dining Services policies by a student will result in university disciplinary action involving the Dining Services staff, the Dining Services Director and the Dean of Students, as needed.

Attire in Dining Services Areas

For the protection of our customers and to create a desirable dining atmosphere for everyone, we recommend that students wear appropriate dress and footwear in dining areas.

Length of Contract

The university will provide meals, beginning with breakfast on Saturday, August 24,2013. Meals will be served throughout the fall semester except when school is not in session during Thanksgiving Break. Meals will be served throughout the spring semester in keeping with the university academic calendar.During breaks the Cafe will be open limited hours as published at those times.

Come and Get It

Enjoy the community of dining with fellow students, faculty, staff and university guests in the exciting Harre Union and the beautiful Christopher Center! Feel free to stop by the Dining Services offices to discuss any aspect of the mealplan. Our Executive Chef is always looking for ways to broaden our menu choices and our managers look forward to discussing student employment opportunities within the department as well.

We are located just outside the entrance to Founders Table and our office phone number is 464-5253 or 464-5016.