Meal Plan Buy-In Levels 2011 -2012

Dining Plans - Dining Plans are all a la carte which means all items are purchased on a declining balance and are priced on an individual basis. Students begin each semester with a set amount of dollars for purchasing a la carte items and are not limited to a fixed number of meals. A la carte plans provide flexibility when making meal purchases as students only pay for what they choose to eat, when they choose to eat.

All students living in residence halls, other than sorority members living in Scheele Hall are required to purchase one of three Dining Plans based on the class status. Students are required to purchase a meal plan for the first six semesters of college attendance; rates for transfer students are based upon semesters completed upon arrival as a full time student.

The mandatory rates for 2011-2012 are: $1,700 per semester for freshmen, $1,555 per semester for sophomores, and $1,450 per semester for juniors. The dollars remaining, after the reduction of an $90 administrative fee, may be used to make purchases in the University’s dining facilities. Student ID cards have the Dining Plan encoded and are used for purchases at University dining locations.

All Dining Plans require two semesters of buy in. Unused balances from the fall semester are added to the spring semester buy in; this rollover amount is automatically added to the student’s account. If a student does not sign up for a spring plan then they forfeit the remaining dollars from the rollover; there are no refunds or carryovers. Unused balances at the end of the spring semester, which is Graduation morning, are not refunded or carried over.


Students must choose & activate their meal plan on line through: DataVu – Student Menu – Meal plan buy-in.
The charge will then be posted to the student’s account.


Money may be added to all established meal plans in $25.00 increments through: DataVu – Student Menu – Meal Plan Buy-In.
The charges will be posted to the student’s account.