Training Table


         Training Table is an additional option available to all students.  A declining balance meal plan is required for eligibility.  This plan allows for one dinner each night – Monday through Thursday only.  The meals are not accumulative.

          On this pre-paid plan the student may choose two entrees plus unlimited side dishes (potatoes, rice, veggies etc.), salad bar and fountain beverages etc. plus one dessert.  Some items such as candy, bottled beverages, etc. do not qualify but may be purchased separately with the student’s declining balance account.


Training Table Policies:

 Students may not share their food with others. 

 These meals are non-transferable. 

 Carry outs are not allowed, with the exception of one hand fruit.

 Items that do not fit within this plan such as additional entrees, pre-packaged food & beverages etc. will be charged separately.

 Violations of these policies will be addressed on an individual basis.

 A complete list of guidelines & policies is available at the Dining Service office in the Harre Union.

This optional supplemental plan must be activated on line at Data VU beginning August 16, 2011.


 The option to choose this plan is available on line through:  DataVU – Student Menu – Meal Plan Buy-In.

 The cost for students with a declining balance buy-in level of $1450.00 or higher is $650.00 per semester.  The cost increases  incrementally for lower buy-ins. 

This amount does not get added to the students declining balance.  It entitles them to the four pre-paid meals described above.