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  •  THE BIG CHIPPER-                                                                                       $  9.95

            A large, eight inch Chocolate Chip Cookie boxed up and decorated

            with a surprise message from you in butter cream frosting.

  • All OCCASION CAKE-                                                                                   $  8.95

            A luscious, six inch, round, double-layer cake decorated with a short

            message (Serves 4).  Choose White, Chocolate or Marble Cake with

            White or Chocolate Frosting. 

            Plates, forks and napkins included.

  • HOMEMADE FROSTED BROWNIES-                                                             $13.95

            Fun to share!  Enjoy a pan of our homemade, delicious brownies. 

            Napkins and serving utensil included.  Gluten free option available.

  • VEGGIES & DIP-                                                                                           $12.95

            Munchies for midnight!  Includes:  Baby Carrots, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Celery

            Sticks plus Ranch Dip or Hummus and Sun Chips.  Gluten free option available.

  • FRUIT & CHEESE-                                                                                         $21.95

            The classic!  Chunks of fresh Melon, Pineapple and Strawberries, cubes of

            Cojack, Cheddar and Swiss Cheeses plus six homemade Mini Blueberry Muffins.

            Gluten free option available.

  • CUPCAKES-                                                                                                    $19.95

            Share with your friends!  One dozen Jumbo Cupcakes with butter cream frosting.

            Choose Chocolate or White for your cake and frosting.

  • DECORATED ¼ SHEET CAKE-                                                                        $19.95

            Delicious homemade cake to enjoy with your friends!  Choose White,

            Chocolate, Yellow, or Marble Cake with White or Chocolate Frosting. 

            Paper plates, plastic forks and napkins included.  (Serves 15)

  •   ADD A MYLAR BALLOON TO ANY ORDER-                                                 $  5.95

            One Mylar Balloon with your choice of “Happy Birthday,”

            “Congratulations,” or “Thinking of You.”


Here’s how to order:

Contact Dining Services at 219-464-5016 at least two business days before you need the Crusader Treat(s) sent and have your credit card ready.  

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER.  Sales tax is included.

Crusader Treats are available for student pick-up, Monday - Friday, in the Harre Union Cafe.

Crusader Treats come with a complimentary card upon request.  Effective July 1, 2014