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Our a la carte meal plan is designed for maximum convenience and to provide students with flexibility and variety. Meals, snacks, groceries and even party trays may be purchased with your declining balance meal plan account.

Valparaiso University Dining Services has serving facilities  at the Student Union, Law School and the Christopher Center. For more information about locations and the options found at each, visit the dining locations page.

Students eat anywhere and everywhere on campus!

A student's OneCard ID  is also their meal card. Students must have their OneCard ID  with them for every transaction, or pay cash.   We can no longer accept any other ID to access meal plan.   If lost, meal cards must be replaced  at the One Card Office  for a $15.00 fee.  To avoid potential theft  card lost or stolen immediately ask the One Card office to deactivate your card during regular office hours.   After hours and weekends VUPD can assist you. 

Our menus are posted at many locations on campus and appear daily on the V.U. intranet. To help students manage their budget and declining balance account, a weekly guideline appears on each menu to help you get the best value from the program.

 Unused meal card money carries over from the Fall Semester (and can only be added to the required spring buy-in). Current balances can be obtained from any cashier at any time. The transfer of funds between two active student accounts is allowed and orders through the General Store can help you come out even at the end of the Spring Semester.