Driving from the East

Take the Indiana Toll Road I-80/90 West. Exit IN-49 South in Chesterton. Proceed approximately 8 miles
south to Valparaiso, then exit onto Highway 2 (marked LaPorte and Valparaiso).  Turn right onto Highway
2, which becomes La Porte Avenue.  You will continue straight through two sets of stoplights (passing by
a McDonald’s Target, etc.) The Country Inn and Suites will be on your left as you approach the
roundabout on La Porte Ave.  There is a Diary Queen on your left right next to the hotel, and a Culver’s
restaurant on your right across from the hotel.  If you reach the actual roundabout, you have passed the
hotel, and you can just swing around the roundabout and head back to the hotel.

When you walk out the front door of the hotel, Valparaiso University is just to your left (west) across
Sturdy Road.  The roundabout is busy, so please be careful crossing the street.  To get to the Harre Union,
where the conference is located: once you are on the University side of Sturdy Road, follow the sidewalk
to the left (south) that leads up to the main University entrance on Sturdy Road.  Turn right into the
campus.  The Harre Union will be the fourth building on your right.  (You will walk past Urshel Hall,
Schnabel Hall, and the Center for the Arts).  The Harre Union is located right across from the Chapel. 
The conference is taking place on the second floor of the Union.  If you want to drive to the Harre Union,
you can park in Lot 13 or 14.  For a campus map, see http://www.valpo.edu/about/maps-directions/.

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