Faculty Profile

Daniel E. Saros, Ph.D.

Department Chair, Associate Professor

Arts & Sciences, Rm. 374
(219) 464-5166




B.S. - Bowling Green State University 1999
M.A. - University of Notre Dame 2001
Ph.D. - University of Notre Dame 2004

Areas of Specialization

Primary: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology

Secondary: Economic History; Economic Education


  • Interlocking Turnover Continua and the Structure of Capital, Review of Radical Political Economics, 46(3), 380-401, September 2014 
  • The Circulation of Bank Capital and the General Rate of Interest, Review of Radical Political Economics, 45(2), 149-161, June 2013 
  • Teaching Undergraduate Money and Banking: T-Bill Auctions and Stock Market Models, Journal of Economic Education, 40(3), 315-330, July 2009 
  • The Turnover Continuum: A Marxist Analysis of Capitalist Fluctuations, Review of Radical Political Economics, 40(2), 189-211, February 2008 
  • The Price-Form as a Fractional Reflection of the Aggregate Value of Commodities, Review of Radical Political Economics, 39(3), 407-415, Summer 2007 


  • Information Technology and Socialist Construction: The End of Capital and the Transition to Socialism
    -  Routledge 2014
  • Labor, Industry, and Regulation During the Progressive Era
    -  Routledge 2009

Professional Affiliations

  • Association for Social Economics (ASE)
  • Southwestern Social Science Association (SSSA)
  • Union for Radical Political Economics (URPE)