Economics Faculty

Economics is About More Than Money

Valparaiso University economics faculty are committed to engaging their students in meaningful dialogue on the moral and ethical dimensions of economic systems and policies within the context of private, Christian, higher education. Caring and committed faculty help students learn to think critically about the value-oriented issues of poverty, income distribution, discrimination, and business ethics.

With a student faculty ratio of six to one, Valpo's economics students get plenty of opportunity to work closely with experienced, diverse, faculty members who specialize in development economics, econometrics, public finance, environmental economics, international economics, and schools of economic thought and methodology.

Valpo's economics faculty have distinguished themselves individually and collectively, presiding over prestigious organizations, including the History of Economics Society, the Association of Social Economics, and  the Midwest Economics Association, and serving as program organizer for the Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession for the Midwest Economics Association meetings.