Faculty Profile

Sara  Gundersen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Arts & Sciences, Rm. 366
(219) 464-5118



B.A. - University of Wisconsin, Stout 
M.A. - Clark University 
Ph.D. - Clark University 

Areas of Specialization

Development Economics, Economics of Education, Econometrics, Teaching Economics


Current Research

"Educated Mothers, Healthier Kids? An Examination of the Link between Maternal Education and Malnutrition in Ghana," co-written with Amy Ickowitz Center for International Forestry Research
This is the first paper to explicitly examine the effect of parental education on child health in the context of insignificant income returns to education, which have recently been found in Sub-Saharan Africa. Using data from Ghana, this paper explores the effect of both maternal and paternal education on levels of own child malnourishment. Maternal education does not reduce malnourishment, but maternal Raven’s scores consistently reduce the probability of being underweight. Father’s education also reduces the probability of being underweight.


  • Is Market Power Destructive? An Undergraduate Assignment Using Adam Smith's Criticisms of Monopolies, International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education, 3.4, 415-423 (published under Sara Bothun), 2012