Conceptual Framework

The Department of Education seeks to prepare teacher candidates who are able to effectively apply their professional knowledge, dispositions and performances in their teaching.  When teachers implement relevant research findings; make choices consistent with a sense of vocation, professional ethics and personal responsibility, and respect human differences, dignity, and equality, they are able to positively effect the learning of all their future students.  

The Professional Praxis Model is the Department's Conceptual Framework.  Based on a synthesis of current research and practice, the Professional Praxis Model engages our students directly in examining and reflecting on seven essential questions throughout their program:

 Essential Questions:

  1. What is the purpose of schooling?
  2. Who are my students?
  3. How do students learn?
  4. How can I differentiate instruction to reach the learning needs of all of my students?
  5. What am I teaching?
  6. What data indicates student learning?
  7. In response, how should I teach?