Study Buddy Program
VU Students provide support for Parkview Students

Since October, Valparaiso University students have been assisting Parkview Elementary students in reaching the school wide goal of higher achievement. Each Tuesday and Thursday, before and after school programs lead by VU students assist children in grades 2-5 with homework and problem solving.  The Valparaiso University students use a technique call “think aloud” where the VU student explains their thinking as they model solving the problem out loud.  This strategy helps children understand difficult material and provides a low stress atmosphere where children can ask questions and receive individual help.

Together VU students and Parkview children tackle a computerized program called Study Island, which is based on Indiana State Academic Standards for English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.  Study Island challenges the students to complete problems similar to those on the ISTEP+ assessment. Study Island also provides the classroom teacher and parent with weekly progress reports.

Parkview Elementary Principal, Anne Wodetzki states that not only do Parkview students benefit academically, but the VU Study Buddy program provides wonderful role models for elementary age children.