Faculty Profile

Ruth Johnston


121 Meier Hall


Currently pursuing Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction at Loyola University in Chicago.  Concentration in research and assessment.

Presently building a professional relationship with the Porter County Museum and the Methods for Teaching Elementary and Middle School Social Studies course.  Teacher efficacy in social studies, service-learning, and best practice pedagogy will be incorporated in the study.  Students will develop and implement curriculum for elementary students visiting the museum based on state standards.

NCGE Distinguished Teaching Achievement Award - 1995

Elementary Geography Teacher of the Year for Indiana - 1993-1994


B.S.Ed. - Ball State University 1987
M.Ed. - Valparaiso University 1996

Areas of Specialization

Elementary pedagogy

Geography and Social Studies Education

Technology As Pedagogy

Courses Taught

ED 200/400 Fine Arts in the Elementary Classroom

ED 305/505(308/508) Technology As Pedagogy

ED 324 Methods of Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary Classroom

ED 327 Methods of Social Studies Instruction in the Elementary Classroom

CORE 110 and CORE 115 – The Human Experience - 2005-2008

V.U. Strategies – 2006-2008

Research Interests

Pre-service Teacher Efficacy in Social Studies
Examining and analyzing attitudes about social studies in pre-service teachers.

Learning and Curriculum
Examining ways to integrate university coursework, teacher certification standards, assessed needs of a community museum, and Indiana State Academic standards to create a premier elementary teacher education program.

Technology As Pedagogy
Researching ways to increase teaching effectiveness and student learning using technology in a variety of ways.

Current Research

Pre-Service Teacher Efficacy in Social Studies
Researching pre-service teacher attitudes about social studies teaching before and after engaging in study of best practices, curriculum building specific to the displays at the Porter County Museum.

Technology in 21st Century Schools
Examination of research-based findings regarding technology and teaching to increase teacher effectiveness and student learning.

Professional Affiliations

  • Kappa Delta Pi
    International Education Honor Society; Valparaiso Chapter Counselor and member since 1985
  • NCSS
    Member of the National Council of Social Studies
  • NCGE
    Member of the National Council of Geographic Education
    Member of the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education
  • GENI
    Geography Educator Network of Indiana – former Board Member and present Life member
  • NCTM
    Member of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • ASCD
    Member of the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Developments