Transition from Praxis 1 to CASA

Transition from Praxis 1 to CASA

The Indiana Department of Education will be transitioning over the next few months from the Praxis I and II series tests to new basic skills, content and pedagogy assessments developed by Pearson. The first test to which we will transition is the CASA basic skills assessment, which was approved with cut scores by the State Board of Education in December 2012. The transition details are as follows:

July 1, 2013 - First date candidates may register for CASA for the purpose of admission to Indiana teacher preparation programs

July 20, 2013  - Last administration of Praxis I assessments in paper/pencil format.

August 31, 2013 - Last day Praxis I assessments will be administered on computer.

September 1, 2013 -  Beginning this date, CASA is the approved basic skills assessment for candidates seeking admission to Indiana teacher preparation programs. Praxis I tests taken on or after this date will not be honored for the purpose of admission into Indiana teacher preparation programs.

Passing scores for the individual Praxis I basic skills assessment taken on or before August 31, 2013 will be honored, and candidates who have not passed all three Praxis I basic skills assessments by September 1, 2013 will be allowed to register for the individual CASA basic skills assessment(s) in the area(s) they still need to pass.

Due to the extended timeline required for State Board of Education approval of new tests and cut scores prior to applying the tests and cut scores to candidates, there is a possibility that the Pearson pedagogy and content assessments may not be effective on September 1, 2013. To ensure candidates do not experience a lapse in available tests at a critical time, the DOE and ETS have reached an agreement to extend the availability of the Praxis II content exams into fall 2013 to allow for a smooth transition once the Pearson tests become effective. We will disseminate the transition details to you once we know when the new pedagogy and content tests will be effective and available for candidate use.

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Content and Pedagogy Assessment: 


The content and pedagogy assessments included in the Indiana CORE Assessments will be available for administration starting Monday, February 10, 2014. Individuals may start registering for these exams on December 4, 2013 on the Indiana CORE Assessments program website. Below are additional details of our transition plan.

1.      The new developmental/pedagogy assessments will be required for all applicants beginning Monday, February 10, 2014. Candidates will be able to register for the pedagogy exams beginning December 4, 2013 on the Indiana CORE Assessments program website. Licensure candidates who submit and pay for their applications before February 10, 2014 will not be subject to the pedagogy exam requirement.

2.      As when we transitioned from Praxis I to CASA, there will be a transition period of overlapping ETS Praxis II and Indiana CORE content and pedagogy assessments. We will accept Indiana’s approved ETS PRAXIS II content exams until May 31, 2014. Applicants must have taken the Praxis II exam(s) by May 31, 2014 in order for the exam(s) to be accepted for licensure (assuming the candidate achieves a passing score). However, candidates may instead choose to take the appropriate Indiana CORE Assessment(s) in their content area(s) any time beginning February 10, 2014.

3.      Candidates for licensure in early childhood and/ or elementary education that do not pass all required  Praxis II tests and subtests prior to the end of the transition period (May 31, 2014) will be required to pass the entire Indiana CORE Assessments in Early Childhood and/or Elementary Education, including all subtests. These candidates will also be required to pass the respective pedagogy exam, which becomes effective February 10, 2014.

4.      Individuals seeking licensure in content areas for which we have not had an approved PRAXIS II exam--for example: theatre, journalism, Latin, Chinese, to name a few--will not be required to take the Indiana CORE Assessment content exam as long as they have submitted and paid for their application before the end of the transition period (on or before May 31, 2014). All required documents (CPR, Suicide prevention training) must be attached to the application at the time of its submission. However, applicants for initial licensure in these content areas on or after February 10, 2014 will be required to take and pass a pedagogy exam. After May 31, 2014, these individuals will be required to take the Indiana CORE Assessment content exam in their content area if one has been approved (Pearson has developed tests in a number of content areas that did not previously have tests).  

5.    In regard to Physical Education and Health licensure exams, these two content area exams are in the process of being developed for the Indiana CORE Assessments program by Pearson as separate exams. These exams will not be ready by the February 10, 2014 date with the rest of the Indiana CORE Assessment exams. We have arranged with ETS for the continued use of their PE, Health and Technology Ed (Computer Ed) PRAXIS II exams until the Indiana CORE Assessments for these fields have been formally approved by the SBOE and have gone through the six month waiting process.

6.    Additions do not require pedagogy exams. Individuals who wish to add additional content areas to their instructional license with a content specific exam may continue to do so. Once again, the following content areas cannot be added with an exam: Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, Fine Arts content areas (i.e. Music, Art, Theatre Arts, etc), Mild Interventions, Intense Interventions, Blind/Low Vision, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, High Ability, Communication Disorder and English as a New Language. The addition of these content areas requires completion of a program of coursework, not just testing.

7.   For those students who are in a dual licensure early childhood/mild intervention or elementary/mild intervention program, these students WILL NOT take the Exceptional Needs - Mild Intervention Reading Instruction exam. Since they are already taking a reading exam as part of the early childhood or elementary licensure test, we feel that it would be redundant and costly to take another reading exam. However, students that are completing a Mild Intervention P-12 program as a stand alone license or those that are adding Mild Intervention to a secondary license will be required to take the Exceptional Needs - Mild Intervention Reading Instruction exam.

8.    Candidates taking the Elementary Education or the Early Childhood content exam with multiple subtests can register to take the subtests individually. It is not necessary for candidates to register to take all 4 subtests for their first test administration. This flexibility will allow candidates to register for individual subtests at any time during their preparation program.