2012 PLC Workshop

Implementing the Common Core State Standards Continued (5-12)

December 5, 2012

Harre Union Ballroom

8:00 a.m. -  2:45 p.m.


KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Dr. Cynthia Shanahan, University of Illinois, Chicago

THEME:  What do the disciplines have to do with it?

Once school districts have aligned their curriculum to the Indiana Common core (INCC) standards, how do teachers transform the classroom to implement the shifts it th curriculum?  Are you putting the INC into practice in your daily lessons?  Are your students reading multiple perspectives, evaluating the validity of arguments, and formulating their own thinking in all classrooms? This workshop will target even the most challenging issues presented with understanding of disciplinary reading and writing.  Explore how to teach using multiple perspectives, evaluate the validity of sources, recognize the text complexity in our content area, and mange students' close reading of complex text.  The INCC standards provide a framework for teaching student to think critically.  

Keynote speaker, Dr. Cynthia Shanahan, will kick-off the morning with an overview of the CCSS and the major shift in our curriculum and what this all means for secondary teachers within their own disciplines.  Dr. Shanahan's area of work includes content literacy and school-based professional development.  Our afternoon general session will feature and expert panel of speakers form various disciplines, including Dr. Carlotta Cooperider, IDOE PARCC Specialist, who has worked extensively with the CCSS curriculum and PARCC Assessment Framework.  The panel will provide information on how current changes in the assessment affect the curriculum and instruction.  


Learn more about . . . . . . . . .

       How does the CCSS change my teaching?

How do text complexity, close reading and multiple sources affect teachers' day to day planning?

   How do the Literacy Standards affect the social studies, science and math teachers in your building?

   What tools and resources do all content area teachers need to effectively implement the CCSS?

    How does the CCSS affect our assessment?



Morning and afternoon breakout sessions will be offered throughout the day that focus on tools to support the implementation of the CCSS in the content specific disciplines.  


Dr. Cynthia Shanahan:  Keynote Address - What Do the Disciplines have to Do with it?

Breakout Session 1 - CCSS in History/Social Studies

Breakout Session 2 - CCSS in Science/Technical Subjects

   Close Reading in Science

Highland HS Presenters: Transformational Transition to CCSS

William Reed:    SMP Posters

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