PLC Workshop

Professional Learning Communites (PLC) Workshop

 December 2, 2010

8:00 a.m. - 2:40 p.m.

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER:  Carl Olson, Energize your Educational Environment

KEYNOTE:  Wes Bruce, DOE Chief Assessment Officer

THEME:  Assessment, Accountability & Rigor in the High School Curriculum

The second annual PLC Workshop is sponsored by Valparaiso University's secondary level Professional Educators Partnership (PEP).  Keynote speaker, Wes Bruce, Chief Assessment Officer for the Indiana Department of Education will give an End of Course Assessment (ECA) Update, and a follow-up session on How to Use your Data to Drive the Curriculum.  Find out more about how to empower your teachers to raise their students' achievement by gaining a better understanding of the development of the State's assessment process.   

Additional breakout sessions will include more specific informaiton regarding the ECA's in both Algebra and Language Arts.  Milken Award Winner, Ed Coleman will discuss how the use of a common writing assessment on a whole grade basis impacts your schools SAT/ACT scores.  Find out how to incorporate resources into your curriculum like rubrics, blueprints, depth of knowledge levels, and sample items found on the DOE website.  The Director of the DOE's Learning Connections portal will also offer sessions on how to navigate the system and identify key resources specific to content areas across the curriculum. Learn how to access Growth Model data, digital curriculum, and textbook alternatives through the Learning Connections.

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