Elementary Education Degree Requirements

Thank you for your interest in pursuing a degree in the Department of Education at Valparaiso University.  A Bachelor of Science degree in Education at Valparaiso University prepares teacher candidates to serve as educators in elementary and middle schools (grades K-6).  To earn a bachelor’s degree, course requirements are divided into three parts.  These include general education requirements, education requirements, and minor or major requirements. 

General Education, Elementary Education, and Minor/Major Requirements
General education courses fulfill necessary requirements for a liberal arts education when earning a Bachelor of Science degree.  Education requirements are designed to prepare students for a successful career in elementary and middle schools (grades K-6).   Education courses are organized by “blocks,” which can be thought of as sets of education courses grouped together by semester and organized by a common theme.  Minor or major area requirements are determined by the subject area prospective educators would like to teach. 

Minor/Major Selection
Licensable minor or major content areas for elementary education include: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, English, Environmental Science, French, German, Geography, History, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology, Spanish, and Special Education, and Teaching of English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL).  In addition to these areas, we are also proud to offer licensure in grades P-12 in Art, Music, Physical Education, and World Languages (Chinese, French, German, Latin, Spanish).

Sample Plan of Study Guides
Below you will find a sample plan of study guide that depicts how each set of course requirements — general education, teacher education, and minor or major requirements — can be layered into a four year plan of study.  Please note that these sample plans are intended for prospective students interested in learning more about degree requirements in the Department of Education at Valparaiso University.  Current students work with their academic advisor to develop a personalized plan of study, which is designed to meet their unique goals and needs. 

Additional Information
If you are interested in learning more about how the Department of Education at Valparaiso University can support you as your vocation in education continues to unfold, please contact the Academic Advisor, Victoria Brockett, at 219-464-5580 or victoria.brockett@valpo.edu.

Sample Plan of Study Guide
Elementary Education - Bachelor of Science