Minor in Special Education

Special education teachers work with children and youths with a variety of physical and learning disabilities in separate classrooms, as special education resource teachers, and as support to students in general classrooms.

Through the Special Education Minor at Valparaiso University, Elementary and Secondary candidates may obtain Indiana licensure in Exceptional Needs/Mild Intervention (Learning Disabilities, Mildly Mentally Handicapped, and Emotional/Behavioral Disorders).

SPED Minor Requirements

SPED 347 Characteritics of Individuals withMild Disabilities

SPED 441  Assistive Technology

SPED 444 Assessment in Special Education

SPED 445  Teaching the Student with Mild disabilities

SPED 449  Supervised Teaching in General & Special Education

SPED 450  Models of Collaboration and Consultation in Special Education

SPED 451  Applied Behavior Analysis

SPED 466  Teaching Reading to Students with Disabilities