Department of Education

Valparaiso University Undergraduate Advising Checklist for:
Special Education
Early/Middle Childhood (Elementary) Developmental Level
(Effective Fall, 2001 for freshman and sophomores entering program)

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I.  Special Education Course Work

  1. In order for it to be possible to complete all requirements for Elementary Education and the additional special Education content area, these two courses must be taken no later than the sophomore year (second year) of enrollment at Valparaiso University. If taken later than the sophomore year, the sequence of courses for this content area can not be completed in a four-year time span. These two courses can be taken before admission to teacher education with no special approvals required.

    1. SPED 347 is a prerequisite for SPED 444, 445, SPED 450, (or corequisite) SPED 451. You will not be able to complete on-line registration for any of the higher level Special Education courses unless you have taken SPED 347.
    2. SPED 347 and SPED 348 (Spring Only)

  2. Course                                                                                        Semester     Grade
                                                                                                           Taken        Earned
    SPED 347    Characteristics of Individuals
                            with Mild Disabilities II  (3 Cr.)                             _____        _____

    SPED 348    Observation of Individuals with
                            Mild Disabilities (1 cr.)                                          _____        _____


  3. Other required special education course work taken after Admission to Teacher Education.

                SPED 440     Learning Exceptionalities (3 cr.)                     _____        _____
                (Fall & Spring)

                SPED 441    Assistive Technology (1cr.)                               _____        _____
                (Fall Only)

                SPED 444      Assessment is Special Education (3 cr.)       _____        _____
                Prerequisite for SPED 444:  SPED 347 (Fall Only)

                SPED 445    Teaching the Student With
                Mild Disabilities (Grades 1-6) (3 cr.)                                       _____        _____
                Prerequisite for SPED 445: SPED 347
                Prerequisite or Co-requisite for SPED 445: SPED 444
                (Fall Only)

                SPED 446     Teaching Practicum with Individuals
                with Mild Disabilities (Grades 1-6) (1 cr.)                               _____        _____
                SPED 446 must be taken in the same semester as SPED 445
                (Fall and Spring)

                SPED 450    Models of Collaboration and
                Consultation in Special Education (3cr)                                 _____        _____
                Prerequisite for SPED 450( or corequisite):  SPED 347    (Spring Only)

                SPED 451    Applied Behavior Analysis (3 cr.)                      _____        _____
                Prerequisite for SPED 451:  SPED 347
                (Fall Only)

                SPED 449    Supervised Teaching in General and
                Special Education (12 cr.)                                                        _____        _____
                Prerequisites for SPED 449: SPED 445 and SPED 446
                (Spring Only)

  4. Other Required Course Work

                SPED 466     Teaching Reading to Students
                 with Disabilities (3 cr.)  (Fall Only)                                          _____        _____              

            NOTE:    Prerequisite to ED 466 – 3 credits of reading coursework.

  5. Developmental Level Course Work

    The following developmental level course work is also required. Consult your advisor for the checklist that addresses these courses. This list is provided here as a reminder that these courses must also be successfully completed in order to earn a teaching license. 

                ED 203    ED 324    ED 370    MATH 214/212
                ED 204    ED 327    ED 466   
                ED 305    ED 328    ED 485       
                ED 323    ED 361    MATH 213/211  

  6. Sequence of Course Work

    1. Freshman or sophomores may take SPED 347 and SPED 348. Both courses are taught in only the Spring semester of every year. These courses should be completed by end of sophomore year to complete this content area in four years. If you wait until the junior year, you can do it if your schedule is carefully worked out.
    2. Juniors take SPED 440. SPED 440 is taught every Fall and Spring semester. SPED 440 can not be taken until after admission to teacher education.
    3. Juniors or senior may take SPED 444, SPED 445, SPED 446, SPED 450, and SPED 451. SPED 444, SPED 445, SPED 446, and SPED 451 are taught fall semester of every year. SPED 450 is taught spring semester of every year.
    4. Student teaching – is typically taken in the Spring semester of the student’s final year at Valparaiso University. If it is necessary to do SPED 449 during the fall semester, special permission from the Professional Development and Placement office is needed to arrange this.

  7. Important Notes

    1. Special Education in now considered a content area like Math, English, Social Studies, etc. for licensing purposes (not for Valparaiso University degree purposes). There are no more reading or special education endorsements in the new licensing system. In the new licensing system, you will have Exceptional Needs Education: Mild Interventions as the special education content area on your license. In order to have this on your license, you will need to take the correct PRAXIS II Special Education Content Area tests and obtain the passing score on this test. (For rules 2002, take tests 0353 and 0542. For rules 46-47 take tests 0351 or 0353 and 0381.)
    2. Exceptional Needs Education = Mild Interventions includes the student categories of emotional/behavioral disabilities, learning disabilities, and mild mental retardation.
    3. The list of classes on this check sheet qualifies you to teach students with mild disabilities only in grades one through six. If you want to be qualified to teach special education in grades 1 through 12, you must also take the following course:

            SPED 489   Teaching the Individual with Mild Disabilities (Grades 6-12) (3 cr.)       
                                Prerequisite or co-requisite to SPED 489: SPED 444.
                                SPED 444 and SPED 489 are taught fall semester of every year.