Duane C. Rabe (BSEE 1976)

DuanePresident, Duane Rabe & Associates

For 29 years Duane C. Rabe contributed as an engineer and technical leader to Motorola’s success in the wireless industry, for 10 years as vice president of the technical staff. In that time, he contributed to the architecture, design and development of leadership cellular phones like the DynaTAC, MicroTAC, StarTAC, and RAZR phones. He also was the chief architect for the world’s first commercial digital cellular phones. Rabe received Motorola’s highest awards for technical impact (Dan Noble Fellow) and creativity (Master Innovator) and served as a member of Motorola’s Science Advisory Board. He has been granted 26 patents. Rabe received his MSEE degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He is president of Duane Rabe & Associates, a private consulting practice that advises companies on technology for wireless communications. Rabe was the recipient of a 2007 VUAA Alumni Achievement Award.