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Dean of the College of Engineering


This is an extraordinary opportunity for a candidate with the right background to forge and execute a comprehensive vision to inspire and lead Valparaiso University’s College of Engineering into an exciting new era and to help advance engineering education in Northwestern Indiana.  The new Dean of the College of Engineering will work closely with the University’s administration and departmental colleagues to provide academic and intellectual leadership, help define  and execute the University’s and the College’s  strategic plans and key initiatives, generate resources in support of its mission, and manage the interface between the College, its alumni, and the industrial community.  Building on her or his track record of successful innovation and resourcefulness, and on an enthusiastic commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and service, the new Dean will guide the College through domestic and international growth initiatives, define and refine strategic priorities, attract top students, increase research/ grant funding, and provide a long-term vision for the College’s programs and departments in new and emerging areas.  He or she will play a key role in expanding the engineering and technological capacity to help the College of Engineering become a statewide and regional top-ranked leader in the quality and quantity of undergraduate research.


The College of Engineering

Lab work  Valparaiso University’s College of Engineering is an exclusively undergraduate professional college, committed to teaching and operating in the independent Lutheran tradition of Valparaiso University.  We are the only Lutheran undergraduate institution maintaining complete accreditation in all of its engineering programs. Our Bachelor of Science degree programs in Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering are all accredited by the Engineering Commission of ABET.  In the latest US News and World Report Rankings for best undergraduate engineering schools, the College tied for 27th place nationally among nearly 180 institutions where the highest degree awarded is a bachelor's or master's. See more about the College’s Vision and Mission here.

Our College boasts several facilities of major educational and research impact:  The brand-new Donald V. Fites Center for Engineering Innovation, the NSF-funded 3D Scientific Visualization Laboratory used to design its architecture, and the James S. Markiewicz Solar Energy Research Facility, one of only four solar research facilities nationwide to contain an actual solar furnace—built by Valparaiso University’s College of Engineering students. 

For more information about the College, please go to the homepage.


Our Awesome Engineering Students

Providing a solid foundation in engineering fundamentals, and offering far above average opportunities for undergraduate research, the College of Engineering currently comprises about 300 students.  The curricula are designed to prepare students for careers of service, leadership, and professional distinction in their fields.  The strong relationship with the regional and international community provides students with numerous opportunities for research, internships, shared learning, and employment, but it is our students' activism in the spirit of servanthood and social responsibility that sets us apart from the rest.


Not only do our students participate in the Valparaiso International Engineering Programs in collaboration with universities in Spain, France, Germany, and China, or in our new Campus Construction Educational Partnership, in which seniors are embedded with live construction teams and, under the guidance of licensed commercial engineers, work on campus buildings, but they actively seek out opportunities to bring engineering practice and education into the global community.  Our Hesse scholars serve the campus community as peer tutors and mentors in Math, Physics, and Engineering.  Our chapter of Engineers Without Borders has been fundraising for, and performing humanitarian engineering work on, irrigation projects in a village in northern Tanzania; other student teams have designed, built, and installed wind turbines to deliver power to two villages and an orphanage in Nicaragua; our multiply award-winning student chapter of SWE routinely participates in service, mentoring, and outreach programs on and beyond campus; and often collaborates with our IEEE student chapter. 


While our students are busy changing the world one engineering project at a time, they also excel academically.  Many continue on to graduate school, funded by National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships, Tau Beta Pi Fellowships, and other awards.  In fact, they also receive nationally recognized awards for their research and scholarship, which has been presented at major conferences and published in peer-reviewed publications:

  • R. Schroeder, L. Matthews, D. Leatzow, J. Kondratko, J. Will, S. Duncan, W. Sheline, N. Lindeke, P. Neves, and R. Palumbo, "Solar Thermal Electrolytic Process for the Production of Zn from ZnO: The electrolysis of ZnO from 1275-1500 K", forthcoming in the Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, Vol 133, Issue 4 2011.