Geotechnical Laboratory
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The equipment in this lab is used to determine the strength, compressibility and permeability of soil specimens.  This information is then used to design building foundations, buried structures and tunnels, retaining walls, landfill liners, and earthen structures, and evaluate static and dynamic properties of soils.

Associated Courses

  • CE 212: Materials Engineering
  • CE 320: Soil Mechanics
  • CE 322: Soils and Foundation Engineering
  • CE 421: Earthquake Engineering
  • CE 422: Advanced Soil Mechanics


  • Cyclic Simple Shear Test Apparatus
  • Cyclic Triaxial Test Apparatus
  • Direct Shear Apparatus
  • Consolidometer
  • Relative Density Shaking Table
  • Hydraulic Conductivity Testing Systems
  • Compaction Equipment
  • Grain Size Analysis Equipment
  • Permeameters
  • Triaxial Test Apparatus
  • Resonant Column