Digital Systems Laboratory


  • Agilent Four-Channel Digital Oscilloscopes
  • Tektronix Function Generators
  • Infineon XC800 Micrcontroller Starter Kit
  • Altera Cyclone II Education Boards
  • Texas Instrument Digital Signal Processing Boards

Projects Laboratory


The Digital Systems Laboratory provides students the opportunity to learn about all types of digital systems, including programmable logic devices, microcontrollers, and digital signal processors.  

In the digital systems laboratory (DSL), students learn how to apply digital technology to solve real-world problems.  Starting as sophomores, they use programmable logic devices to design relatively simple systems that can be programmed onto a single chip. As juniors they design systems that use microcontrollers, which are compact computers designed to be embedded in the systems they control.  Finally, as seniors, students learn about digital signal processing, which uses computer technology to filter, encrypt, compress, and modify digital audio and video signals like those found on a cell phone.

Associated Courses

  • ECE 200/201: Computational Techniques for ECE
  • ECE 221: Digital Logic Design
  • ECE 222: Advanced Logic Design
  • ECE 322: Embedded Micrcontrollers
  • ECE 452: Digital Signal Processing


  • Professor Mark Budnik
  • Professor Daniel Hart
  • Professor Eric Johnson
  • Professor Alan Kraft
  • Professor Doug Tougaw
  • Professor Jeff Will