Electronics Laboratory
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  • Tektronix Four-Channel Digital Oscilloscopes
  • National Instruments Data Acquisition Cards
  • Hewlett Packard Single-Output Power Supplies
  • Hewlett Packard Triple-Output Power Supplies
  • Hewlett Packard Function Generators

Projects Laboratory


The Electronics Laboratory provides students with a solid foundation in the analysis and design of analog circuits such as amplifiers, filters, and power supplies.

Students use electronic testing and measurement equipment in several laboratories in the freshman through the senior years. Measurements can be collected automatically or manually using state-of-the-art oscilloscopes and computer data acquisition cards. Students apply theoretical concepts and implement designs from circuits and electronics courses.

Associated Courses

  • ECE 111: Exploring Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • ECE 261/262: Linear Circuit Theory I and II
  • ECE 340/341: Electronics I and II
  • ECE 471: Power Electronics


  • Professor Mark Budnik
  • Professor Daniel Hart
  • Professor Eric Johnson
  • Professor Alan Kraft
  • Professor Doug Tougaw
  • Professor Jeff Will