Award-Winning Ethics/Emerging Technology Paper

Engineering and Business Faculty Collaborate on Award-Winning Ethics/Emerging Technology Paper


With emerging technology comes increased ethical responsibility. Valparaiso University Richardson professor of engineering Doug Tougaw and Morgal chair of Christian business ethics Michael McCuddy recently co-wrote a aper on this topic titled, “Implementing a New Approach to Teaching the ethics of Emerging Technology,” discussing the use of a teaching method in which students’ common childhood experiences are used as a tool to explore the complex issues associated with the ethics of emerging technology.  Last summer, the paper was named best overall paper by the American Society for Engineering Education from among 1,000 papers presented at regional conferences throughout the nation.  The teaching method discussed in the paper has been implemented into several Valpo engineering and business classes. Survey results of current Valpo students who experienced this new teaching method showed a greater appreciation for the importance of ethical consideration in emerging technology, and intend to use this experience in their practical applications.  “We are pleased that this recognition has allowed us to more effectively distribute the word about this new teaching method,” Dr. Tougaw said.  It is imperative that engineering educators help students develop the knowledge,skills, and attitudes needed to assist society in making wise choices concerning the development and application of emerging technologies.  We’re proud to say that Valpo is on the leading edge of universities that combine professional expertise with the ethical and moral understanding to apply that expertise for the benefit of society.”