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Dale Carnegie Course Develops Leadership and Communication Skills


Dale Carnegie Class
Dale Carnegie Final Presentation

Dale Carnegie Instructor Mark Wilson Addresses the Class Which Consists of Valpo Engineering Students and Members of Local Industry

Students Look On as Peers Give Their Final Presentations

Valparaiso University's College of Engineering is dedicated to graduating engineers with exceptional technical, leadership, human relations, and interpersonalskills. One of the key programs that demonstrates this dedication is theoffering of the Dale Carnegie Course. Dale Carnegie Training has recently celebrated their 100thyear, all starting from the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People."


The Spring 2012 semester marked the 12th time that the DaleCarnegie Course was offered at Valpo, one of only two universities in theMidwest that offers the course.  This semester's course included 18 engineering students and five business students,as well as professionals.

"This is a very different course where students work todevelop their leadership and interpersonal skills," said Jeff Will, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, who facilitated the course.

The course was led by Dale Carnegie instructor Mark Wilson. The instruction is supervised by a faculty member of the College of Engineering, which was Will's role this semester. Beyond the  requirements of the Dale Carnegie instruction,Valpo students are required to complete additional course content and are tested on the material.

Dale Carnegie Instructors
Engineering Professor Jeff Will (left) and Dale Carnegie Instructor Mark Wilson (right) Partner to Help Valpo Engineers Develop Critical Interpersonal Skills

"I look around this room and I see that this school is graduating students that will make a significant difference," said Wilson.

"We recognize the power and synergy that comes from ourstudents interacting with working professionals," said Will. "I believe that the students and professionals receive inspiration from each other."

At the final session, participants gave a three-minute presentation that discussed their growth  as a result of participating in the program, gave an example of their area of greatest improvement, and articulated their vision for the future. After the presentations, participants received their certificate of completion from Wilson. Additionally, awards were given at the end of the night for outstanding performance, biggest breakthrough, highest return on investment, and highest award for achievement.

Presentations ranged from serious to humorous, but all were heartfelt and sincere.  Many participants talked about developing effective communication skills and stress management techniques. Each of the participants demonstrated significant growth and expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to take this course.