Civil Engineering Design Projects


•    Bioremediation as a Surface Water Oil Spill Response Technology

•    Cadmium Removal from Industrial Wastewater

•    Correcting Maximum Streamflow Estimation Methods

•    Design: Constructed Wetland for Municipal Wastewater Treatment for the Aberdeen Subdivision

•    Design: Horizontal Gas Collection System for a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill

•    Design: Landfill Leachate Treatment System Utilizing Sequential Batch Reactors as a Secondary Treatment

•    Design: Water Treatment Plant for the City of Joliet, IL

•    Determining the Dimensions of a Discharge Well’s Capture Zone

•    Evaluation of a Contaminant Entering a Small Body of Water

•    Extraction Well Capture Zone Under Small Field Gradients

•    Hydrologic Analysis and Storm Water Control Design for the Development of a Residential Subdivision

•    Lake Sewer Rehabilitation Project

•    Northwest Indiana Water Company Ogden Dunes Water Treatment Plant Expansion

•    Pilot Study-Soil Bioreactors Containing Gas

•    Preliminary Storm Water Management Plan for Mill Creek Subdivision

•    Removal of Organic Pollutants from Groundwater Using Activated Carbon

•    Soil Remediation of a Contaminated Site

•    Student Water Distribution System Design for the Village of Galien, MI

•    Study of the City of St. Charles, IL, Low-Pressure Water Distribution System

•    Watershed Analysis of a Flood-Prone Region in St. Charles, IL

•    Water Quality Model of the Salt Creek Downstream of the Elden Kuehl Pollution Control Facility


•    Actual vs. Theoretical Immediate Settlements of a Large Foundation on Cohesive Soils

•    Construction Dewatering with a Site-Specific Design

•    Foundation Analysis and Design in Highly Variable Soils

•    Model Comparison of Trench Stability Using Polymer and Bentonite Slurries

•    Reliability of CH Soil Moisture Contents Determined in a Microwave Oven

•    Water Level vs. Model Footing Settlement


•    Design: Renewable Energy Conversion System for an Eco-House


•    Analysis & Design of a Multi-Story Building

•    Comparison Between Horizontal- and Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines

•    Design: Lighthouse Shell

•    Design: Prestressed Concrete Highway Bridge

•    Experimental Evaluation of Wheel Load Distribution on Concrete Slab Bridges

•    Experimental Investigation of Wheel Load Distribution on Steel Bridges

•    Modeling Study of Littoral Drift at Ogden Dunes

•    Stress Analysis of a Human Knee Joint

•    Structural Analysis of Concrete Box Culverts

•    Structural Design of a Solar Furnace Building for Valparaiso University

•    Study of the Mechanical Properties of Commingled Recycled Plastic Lumber

•    Theoretical Demolition of a Reinforced Concrete Structure Using Implosion


•    Design: Highway Interchange Ramp

•    Evaluations of Rural Appalachian Road Alternatives

•    Parking Study on the VU Campus

•    Impact of New Developments on Traffic Flow in Valparaiso