Department of Civil Engineering

Why Choose Civil Engineering at Valparaiso University?

  • It is an exclusively undergraduate engineering program featuring small size classes taught by full-time faculty whose primary interest is your engineering education.
  • Enriches and emphasizes the growth of human experience in a residential setting.
  • Cultivates and emphasizes intellectual curiosity.
  • Provides flexibility in pursuing minors in Business Administration and the Arts and Sciences.
  • Empowers students to develop high moral, ethical, and social values that are central to the mission of Valparaiso University.
  • Offers opportunities to spend one semester studying abroad (China, England, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Namibia, and Spain).
  • Develops graduates who will be effective members of engineering teams, managers of engineering projects, and serve as leaders in the civil engineering discipline and within the broader community of church and society.
  • Is a comprehensive civil engineering program covering broad areas of study, including Environmental, Fluid Mechanics, Geotechnical, Hydrology, Material Testing, Surveying, Structural Analysis and Design, Transportation, and Comprehensive Design Experience.
  • Utilizes extensive computational and five laboratory facilities to enhance classroom instruction. Laboratories provide numerous opportunities for hands-on experience with engineering testing equipment.
  • Emphasizes projects and a small laboratory group setting that foster teamwork and development of interpersonal abilities.
  • Develops excellent communication skills.
  • Emphasizes comprehensive team design experiences.
  • Provides opportunities for participation in undergraduate research.
  • Is fully accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.
  • Offers numerous opportunities for summer internships.