Why Choose Electrical and Computer Engineering at Valparaiso University?

As a Valpo electrical and computer engineering student, you have the opportunity to explore:


Digital Logic
Circuit Design
From big to small, robots are prevalent in the ECE program.  Students program microcontrollers to form the “brain” of robots as well as design large-scale battlebot-like systems. Valpo ECE students learn digital logic from basic topics through computer architecture design.  We offer such hands-on activities as programming FPGA devices and fabricating printed circuit boards.
Circuit analysis and design goes from theory to practice.  Valpo engineers get practical skills from the five circuit labs in the curriculum.
Embedded Systems
Virtual Reality
Power Systems

Valpo engineers learn to program a wide array of microncontrollers and have the opportunity to develop applications for a state-of-the-art DSP board.

The Scientific Visualization Laboratory is the only virtual reality lab at a primarily undergraduate institution that is dedicated exclusively to developing educational applications.

Power systems is a specialty of Valpo’s ECE curriculum, including a strong tie to industry and two advanced classes in Power Systems and Power Electronics. 

Program Highlights

  • Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commision of ABET
  • Exclusively undergraduate program featuring small class sizes taught by faculty
  • Comprehensive course offerings including computer hardware and software, digital systems, microcontrollers and communication systems
  • A strong computer emphasis under a degree name that clearly indicates preparation in computer hardware as well as software
  • Interdisciplinary design projects and small laboratory groups that foster teamwork
  • Extensive computational and laboratory facilities
  • Opportunities for participation in funded undergraduate research programs
  • Reputation for a gender-neutral learning environment
  • Co-operative Education program with employment opportunities throughout the US