Why Mechanical Engineering at Valparaiso University?


As a Valpo mechanical engineering student, you have the opportunity to explore:


Alternative Energy Robotics Biomechanics
Students have the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research in the areas of solar and wind energy. A robotics course is available where students learn to analyze robot motion and program an industrial robot. Undergraduate research opportunities are available where students analyze joint motion and measure forces that act on the body.
Design Manufacturing

Students complete a full year, multi-disciplinary senior design course where they design, manufacture, and test a real    world system.

Students have the opportunity to use a state-of-the-art laboratory that includes CNC machine tools, manual equipment, and welding equipment.

Students perform laboratories to quantify material behavior and performance under a variety of loadings and environmental conditions.

Thermal Fluids Solid Mechanics Vibration and Controls
The new engines laboratory allows students to investigate the performance of diesel engines,  gas engines, and gas turbines.
Students receive instruction in fundamental mechanical engineering courses in small classroom settings.

The new vibrations, controls, and mechatronics laboratory allows students to receive hands-on instruction in automation systems.

Program Highlights

  • Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commision of ABET
  • Exclusively undergraduate program featuring small class sizes taught by faculty
  • Interdisciplinary design projects and small laboratory groups that foster teamwork
  • Extensive computational and laboratory facilities
  • Opportunities for participation in funded undergraduate research programs including summer research
  • Reputation for a gender-neutral learning environment
  • Co-operative Education program with employment opportunities throughout the US