Valparaiso International Engineering Program - German
 Schloss Lichtenstein Tubingen Gate 

VIEP-German is a five-year program that combines a major in one of the four engineering fields with a major or minor in German. The program allows students to gain multi-cultural experience and German language proficiency along with technical engineering skills and prepares them for careers with one of many German research and manufacturing firms located in the United States. To participate in the program, students are required to:

  • Fulfill all requirements for one of the four engineering majors;
  • Take one German course per semester beginning, at the latest, in the third semester;
  • Participate in VU's study abroad program in Reutlingen, Germany on the campus of the Hochschule Reutlingen  in the seventh semester;
  • Enroll in at least one German-language engineering, science, or mathematics course at the FH-Reutlingen;
  • Work in a cooperative education placement in Germany during the eighth semester and the ensuing summer;
  • Reside in the Kade-Duesenberg German House and Cultural Center for at least two semesters.

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In this video, Valparaiso University engineering students Jon Larson and Erin Dillon discuss their yearlong experiences in the Valparaiso International Engineering Program-German, including co-op placements at German engineering companies.