Andrew Milleville

Andrew Milleville


• Majors: Electrical Engineering and German

• Cooperative Education Placement in Germany (spring – summer 2006)

Assistant Researcher

DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt)

Stuttgart, Germany

My primary responsibility was to research the cycle for solar methane reformation.

• Engineering Course Completed in Reutlingen

“Kraft- und Arbeitsmaschinen” (Work and Power Machines)

• Related Summer Employment

(2005) Undergraduate Researcher
Valparaiso University / DLR, Stuttgart
My research focused on dissociation of zinc oxide in a solar simulator.

• Post-Graduation Plans

I'll be seeking a position as a researcher, developer, or technician in the energy industry, hopefully with international involvement.

• Reflections about VIEP

VIEP gave me not only an excellent opportunity to learn another culture, but it allowed me to learn more about my career both generally and in a different culture. I am excited to use my experiences as my career grows, as I will be able to apply my engineering knowledge both domestically and internationally.