Elizabeth Racop

Elizabeth Racop


• Major: Electrical Engineering

• Minor: German

• Cooperative Education Placement in Germany (spring – summer 2006)

Intern (Praktikantin)

Robert Bosch AG

Automotive Electronics Division

Leonberg, Germany

At Bosch my first assignment was to learn to use a program called DOORS for system requirements. By the end of the time with Bosch I did programming in MATLab.

• Engineering Course Completed in Reutlingen

“Communication Systems”

• Post-Graduation Plans

Manufacturing Engineer--Stryker Instruments--Kalamazoo, Michigan

Stryker is an international leader in the orthopaedic market, providing medical products, solutions, and services worldwide. Its international headquarters and the “Instruments” division are located in Kalamazoo; among its many international locations are three manufacturing facilities in Germany.

As a Manufacturing Engineer, my activities will include improving production processes; identifying and procuring better tools, fixtures, and equipment for Manufacturing; resolving supplier quality or process issues; supporting new product development; and training assembly team on new processes or process improvements

• Reflections about VIEP

Some people would change their past if they had a chance. I definitely would not. Participating in VIEP presented wonderful opportunities to me. Learning a foreign language, traveling around Europe, and working in a foreign country are some of the "action" things that VIEP has given me. However, this is not all I got from VIEP. Living in a foreign country, away from friends and family, forces you to get to know the real you. I learned so much about my own limits and really grew as a person. All of these things will continue to help me in the years to come. I highly recommend VIEP to anyone!