Jon Larson

Jon Larson


• Major: Mechanical Engineering

• Minor: German

• Cooperative Education Placement in Germany (spring – summer 2010)

Intern (Praktikant)


Reutlingen , Germany

In the first office I worked in, the Sales Media Department, I helped edit brochures about new machines and translated presentations, press-releases, and brochures from German into English. I spent two weeks in WAFIOS’ training facility followed by two weeks in the Wire-Nail Machines Technical Office where I did a research project and learned the CAD software that was used at WAFIOS. I finished my internship in the Tube Bending Machines Technical Office where I did a couple of design projects.

• Engineering Course Completed in Reutlingen

Alternative Energien, Alternative energy sources

• Post-Graduation Plans

I plan to return to Reutlingen for a year-long internship in the Reutlingen University International Office. I will be assisting incoming international students to get acclimated to life in Germany and with various clerical tasks around the office. While I’m in Germany I may look into job opportunities there.

• Reflections about VIEP

VIEP was an invaluable part of my college experience. I really enjoyed learning German culture first-hand and I was surprised to learn just as much about my own culture. My internship also gave me a better perspective on how my engineering studies could be applied to real-world situations. Living in Germany also did wonders for my German language competence.

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