J. Marc Meekma

J. Marc Meekma


• Majors: Electrical Engineering and German

• Cooperative Education Placement in Germany (spring – summer 2006)

Intern (Praktikant)

Automotive Electronics Division

Robert Bosch GmbH

Reutlingen, Germany

Using Visual Basic for Applications, I programmed macros in Excel that assisted in the management of engineering projects. The macros examined, for example, the actual costs and labor hours associated with projects and how these values compared to the planned figures. I also used SAP business software on a daily basis, and all work for the Automotive Electronics Division of Bosch was done in German.

• Engineering Course Completed in Reutlingen

“Communication Systems”

• Post-Graduation Plans

I have applied to a couple of government agencies--the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)--and am currently awaiting a response. Within the next couple of weeks, I plan to apply to the industrial sector, in particular GE and Bosch. Most of my job searching has been on the U.S. side, and I probably will not make it back to Europe straightaway, although I do hope to live and work there again at some point.

• Reflections about VIEP

My desire to go back to Europe stems from all the good experiences I had over there, especially during my VIEP year abroad. There are many exciting opportunities within the United States, but international experiences are even more challenging and rewarding. Working at Bosch was great because succeeding in a German-speaking environment is a real confidence booster. You come out thinking, "If I can handle this, then I can definitely handle working in the States, and I can probably handle most other jobs outside the U.S." You develop a positive can-do mentality that is neither intimidated by nor ignorant of international issues.