Computer Specifications

Updated 4/9/11

Gellersen Center and the Fites Engineering Innovation Center will have new 802.11n wireless networks. For this reason, many students will find it convenient to bring a laptop computer with an appropriate wireless network card installed. If you have questions or concerns please call Jon Sanders, our Director of Engineering Information Systems, at 219 464-5122.


2011 Recommended Computer Specifications

There are two sets of computer specifications. The first set is for those students wishing to purchase a new computer. The second set is for those students who already have a computer they wish to bring from home. Either a laptop or desktop computer is acceptable, but a laptop will provide the added benefit of being able to be taken to class. Please note that these are minimum specifications.

New Computer Specifications

Operating System--Windows 7 Professional.

Processor-- All AMD and Intel processors currently available on the market are acceptable.

Memory- 4GB or more.

Hard Drive--320GB. Larger recommended if it fits your budget.

Monitor--17 or 19 inch LCD (desktop), 15 inch (laptop).

Video Card--128MB minimum.  256MB or larger if it fits your budget. (Laptops, because of potentially smaller screen sizes may have less)

Sound Card--A sound card and speakers are recommended.


Network Card--A 10/100/1000 Base-T network card is required to connect your computer to the campus network. A wireless network card should also be included in a laptop. (If you bring a laptop you should have both wired and wireless networking.)

Software--An office productivity suite such as Microsoft Office Student Edition is recommended. This can be purchased from your computer vendor or at the campus bookstore.

Computer From Home Specifications

Please note that the closer your computer is to the minimum specifications below, the sooner it will need to be replaced. Computers meeting only the minimum specs are not likely to run all software over the next four years.

Operating System-- Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista Business or Ultimate, or Windows 7 Professional.  The home versions of these operating systems are not supported but have been shown to work.

Processor--Pentium IV type processor at 2.4 GHz or faster.

Memory-- 1GB or more

Hard Drive--60GB.

Monitor--Any monitor that works with your system.

Video Card--64MB.

Sound Card--A sound card and speakers are recommended.

CDROM--Necessary for loading files.

Network Card--Same as for a new computer.

Software--Same as for a new computer.