Music & Engineering

Are You Interested in Engineering and Music?

Students at Valparaiso University are able to participate in music without having to be a music major.  Many engineering students choose to pursue a music minor in addition to their engineering degree.  The requirements for this minor can easily be coordinated with any engineering major.  The music minor consists of a minimum of 18 credit hours in music, along with the authorized attendance of 20 concerts and the passing of the Keyboard Competency Test.

If a minor in music is not for you, there are a number of other musical opportunities for musicians of all levels.  Studio instruction is available for a wide range of skill levels and instruments.  There are also numerous ensembles in which to participate.

Courses to complete the music minor
 MUS 109 Musicianship I
 2 credits
 MUS 163 Music Theory I  3 credits
 MUS 164 Music Theory II  3 credits
 MUS 201 Development of Western Music  2 credits
 Studio Lessons (4 semesters at 1 credit each) 
 4 credits
 Ensemble (4 semesters at 1 credit each) 4 credits

If you are interested in pursuing a minor in music, your advisor can aid you in creating a plan of study.


Large musical ensemble opportunities for engineering students include several bands, choirs, and an orchestra.  


Chamber Concert Band (1 credit): the premier auditioned symphonic band at Valparaiso University, which plays the finest in band music on and off campus with special focus on original band compositions.

Luce Concert Band (1 credit): an auditioned symphonic band focusing on the development of skills formation, the core of the University Community Band, and also rehearses as a separate ensemble.

Community/University Band (.5 credit): a once-a-week, no-audition band for students and members of the community with regular public performances.

Jazz Ensemble (1 credit): an auditioned "big band" that performs both traditional and contemporary jazz, with performance opportunities on and off campus, and annual clinic experiences with top jazz legends.


Valparaiso University Symphony Orchestra (1 credit): the premier auditioned symphonic orchestra at Valparaiso University, which performs major orchestral repertoire, music theatre, oratorio, and concerti.


Valparaiso University Chorale (1 credit): a select concert and touring choir seeking to uphold the highest standard of the choral art through performance of the greatest choral literature of all eras.

Kantorei (1 credit): a select touring religious choir of that serves as the choir of the Chapel of the Resurrection, specializes in festive liturgies, and sings a diverse repertoire of sacred music from chant to Bach to music in folk and jazz idioms.

Men’s Choir and Women’s Choir (1 credit): These two choirs emphasize vocal development and ensemble skills through study of traditional, folk, and popular choral literature.

There are also several small ensembles and chamber music groups on campus that might be of interest.


Studio Instruction (1 credit): weekly private lessons are available for academic credit in voice, piano, organ, classical guitar, and most orchestral instruments.


Handbell Choir
Matins Choir
Crusader Pep Band
Gospel Choir
Student-led a cappella vocal ensembles