Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't know what kind of engineering is for me?

All freshman students entering the College of Engineering are classified as exploratory engineers and are advised by the freshman engineering coordinator. The first semester includes the course GE 100 Fundamentals of Engineering, which includes an orientation into the profession of engineering. The course focuses on the fundamental concepts of engineering while drawing topics from each discipline. Freshmen will also participate in an Engineering Seminar, which features alumni and campus speakers to help freshmen better understand the possibilities available in engineering.

Am I required to have a computer?

Yes, students in the College of Engineering are required to have a personal computer. Each student is provided wide-band Internet access from his or her dormitory room and wireless access in the Christopher Center and Gellersen Center. Additionally, all engineering students have accounts on the Sun workstation laboratories in the engineering building.

Can I major in engineering and be in Christ College?

Yes. About 15 percent to 20 percent of our engineering students are in Christ College . Most of them earn the distinction of Associate and some earn the distinction of Scholar.

Can I major in engineering and participate in sports?

Yes, about 15 percent to 20 percent of our engineering students participate in an NCAA sport. The University also has an active intramural sports program.

Can I major in engineering and be involved in music?

Yes, this is a very popular extracurricular activity among our engineering students. At Valparaiso, it is not necessary to be a music major to join bands, chamber ensembles, orchestras, and choral ensembles.

What kind of tutoring services are available?

The College of Engineering and several other units on campus offer free tutoring and help sessions, including the Hesse Learning Resource Center for Engineering Students and the University Writing Center.

Do you offer cooperative education or internships?

Valparaiso University offers an optional co-op program where students get work experience in conjunction with course work. The co-op experience is closely monitored by our faculty to assure that the students are getting a quality program. The Career Center helps students find a co-op positions and summer internships from our extensive list of previous employers, or students can usually arrange an internship with other companies.

Do you have an ROTC program?

Yes, we have an Air Force and Army ROTC program that is affiliated with Notre Dame. Courses are offered at Valparaiso University.

Can I major in engineering and participate in the study-abroad program?

Yes. Each year several engineering students spend a semester at one of our study-abroad programs. Those students can often adjust their schedules so they can graduate in four years. Sometimes it is necessary or desirable to add an extra semester to a student's program.

How many women students are there in engineering?

About 15 percent of our engineering students are women. Women comprise about 50 percent of the entire student population. Valpo has an active chapter of SWE, the Society of Women Engineers.

Do your students go on to graduate school?

Our students are well qualified to enter graduate school. About 15 percent of our graduates enter full-time graduate school immediately. More than 40 percent eventually earn at least one graduate degree. Our graduates have gone to many schools, including Stanford, Purdue, University of Illinois, Minnesota, Northwestern, Notre Dame, MIT, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and others.