Mechanical Engineering Design Projects


•    Crashworthiness of Composite Structures

•    Characterization of Composite Materials

•    Computer-Aided Design/Manufacturing

•    CAD/CAM Integration

•    CAM Integration to the Bridgeport Discovery 308 Machining Center

•    Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Using CADKEY, EZCAM, and the Bridgeport Discovery 308

•    Integration of CAD/CAM by the Use of CADKEY and the Rhino ST/8 Lathe


•    Compression-Activated Flexion for a Prosthetic Foot

•    Conveyor System Update for a Work Cell

•    Design: Multi-Function Camera Mount

•    Design: Rear Wheel Suspension for Off-Road Bicycles

•    Design: Remote Control Window Operator

•    Design: Starterless Internal Combustion Engine

•    Improvement of Compressor Valve Efficiency

•    Mounting of Ball Bearings in Aluminum Castings

•    Multi-Dimensional Surface Profilometric Data Analysis

•    Retrofit of a V-8 Marine Engine with Multi-Port Fuel Injection

•    Robotic Part Orientation Using Computer Vision

•    Stair Climbing Wheelchair

•    Off-Road Wheelchair


•    Effects of Welding on the Tensile Properties of an Aluminum-Lithium Alloy

•    High Temperature Solar Thermal Processing: 2TiO2 + C  Ti2O3 + CO

•    High Temperature Production of Zn from ZnO Using 1) FeO and Fe3O4  and 2) Ultra-High Temperature Solar Energy

•    Post-Weld Strength of Magnesium WE 43-T6

•    A Thermodynamic Analysis of a Solar Process for Producing Syngas and Zinc or Hydrogen



•    Air Flow Meter with Electronic Output

•    Analysis of the Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge

•    Automatic Control of an Electron Microscope

•    Automatic Control of an Oil Spill Recovery System

•    Computer Manipulation of a Three-Component Pneumatic System

•    Determining the Causes of Inaccuracy in the Magnehelic Pressure Gauge

•    Electronic Fuel Monitoring for the Spark Ignition Engine

•    Error in Relative Humidity Determined from Wet-Bulb Temperature

•    Evaluation of an RF Liquid-Level Probe as a Surface Wave Detector

•    Data Acquisition for a Converging Diverging Nozzle

•    Simulation of a Position Control System

•    Use of Labtech Notebook Software for Data Acquisition and Control


•    Predicting Dynamic Unbalance of Slider-Crank Mechanisms Using Turbo Pascal

•    Modeling Differential Equations with Tutsim

•    Modal Analysis of a Speaker Cabinet

•    Simulation Using SIMAN


•    Aesthetic Flow Improvement of Faucet Aerator

•    Alignment Charting and Nomographs for Fluid Flow Equations

•    Cutter Rotation Interlock for a Sunstrand Mill

•    Economic Analysis Using a Spreadsheet Program

•    Fastener Torque Characteristics for Joining Magnesium Alloy Materials

•    Finite-Element Analysis Using Ideas and Photoelastic Analysis of Contact Stress

•    Heating and Ventilating Design for a Room in Gellersen Center

•    Machinability of Lead-Free Brass

•    Modal Analysis of a Tennis Racket

•    Numerical Simulation of One-Dimensional Gas Flow in a Nozzle

•    Plastic Recycling Experiment