Multidisciplinary Design Projects

Valparaiso University’s College of Engineering embarked on a revolutionary project in 2001 to give students skills in working on multidisciplinary teams and focusing on skills in rigorous engineering design and implementation.  Unique in its conception and execution, it is just one of the ways in which Valparaiso University is leading the way in undergraduate education.


•    Automatic Aquarium Maintenance System

•    Remote-Controlled Submarine

•    Automatic Padlock Solver

•    Adaptive Automobile Cruise Control

•    Controller for Inverted Pendulum Using Fuzzy Logic

•    Electron Microscope Control System

•    Electronic Golf Club

•    Fire-Fighting Robot

•    Towers of Hanoi Solving Robotic Arm

•    Shoulder Surgery Assistance Probe

•    Advanced Micro Devices Design Competition Robot

•    Maze-solving Mouse

•    Free Throw Shooter

•    Launch Cannon

•    Thermal Testing Chamber

•    Pet Robotic Platypus

•    Elevator Control System

•    GPS-Enabled Lawnmower