English 200: Literary Studies

Cr.  3. ENGL 200. Literary Studies. 

Topics are variable.  Literary Studies includes a variety of readings on a specific issue, theme, or literary type, and provides practice in writing critically and analytically about imaginative literature.  Possible offerings include Gothic Fiction, Literature of the American South, Autobiography, Science Fiction and Fantasy, and Environmental Literature.  May be used to fulfill the Humanities: Literature component of the General Education Requirements.

Fall 2014 course descriptions

Topics that may be offered include:

English 200: Labor, Migration, and Conflict in Literature

English 200: Banned Books and Novel Ideas

English 200: Innocence and Experience

English 200: The Seven Deadly Sins

English 200: Ecology, Technology, and the Human

English 200: Where Stories Come From

English 200: Going Home

English 200: Commerce, Cultures, and the American Dream

English 200: Knowing Thyself

English 200: Aliens to Androids

English 200: War in Words

English 200: Utopian/ Dystopian Literature

English 200: Into the Wild

English 200:  Horrible Husbands and Wicked Wives