Prof. Nancy Scannell

In this course, we will read, discuss, analyze, and present literature from several different genres: poetry, drama, novel, and short fiction. In addition, we will also learn and reinforce the skills needed to write about literature at the college level. Our analysis of texts will be based primarily on close textual reading, but we may also make brief forays into published scholarly interpretations to compare different literary approaches.  

We will consider how the interpretation of literature is influenced by our backgrounds as readers, the contexts in which the literature is written and read, and the intricacies and the ambiguities of the texts themselves. Reading requires a great deal of work and attention; it demands self-reflection as well as a knowledge of forms and genres of literature and a familiarity with some of the historical, political, and 3 social concerns that underlie certain texts. Discussion will be a major component of this course. My hope is that this course helps you to foster a life-long love of reading.