English 380/580*: Topics in Writing

Cr. 3

Johnson:  Introduction to Literary Editing and Publishing. Introduces you to the world of editing and publishing through reading, writing, discussion, and hands-on projects. The class begins with an overview of current publishing practices in America. You will then learn about literary journal and book publishing by studying the process and by learning from guest speakers who are active in the industry. Learn how to solicit, select, edit, proofread, and prepare material for publication. See how a book length manuscript goes through the publishing process from soliciting/selection to publication and marketing. You will also get hands on experience creating an online literary journal with your classmates. 

Schuette: Writing about Place--New Orleans. This is a writing class that aims to explore the different ways writers write about place. It also poses several questions: What exactly is place--is it the geography, the culture, the people? Does it change or adapt? Is it sacred? Who has a right to claim it? In a culture as mobile as ours, infused with computer technology, do we even have places anymore? To explore these questions, weíll have two kinds of texts: literary and theoretical. The literary texts will focus on New Orleans. By keeping our eyes set on one place, I hope you will see even more clearly the different approaches writers can take to place. The theoretical texts will inform this conversation and problematize it. Written assignments will tend toward creative nonfiction, but I leave some room for other genres as well.