Sampson: The main objective of this course is to help students build a pedagogical grammar for the purpose of teaching English to ESL learners.  In this course, students will expand their knowledge and understanding of the basic structures of English syntax, build skills for linguistic analysis of English grammar (including the grammar of learner English), and explore the pedagogy of English grammar. Though the focus of the course is the analysis of English grammar and English grammar pedagogy for the purposes of teaching non-native speakers of English, the knowledge and skills developed in this course may also be useful for second language learning and in other contexts that call for detailed analysis of the syntactic structure of English.  By the end of the semester, students will understand and be able to identify a range of English syntactic features.  They will also be familiar with some of the syntactic features that are commonly challenging for English learners and why these features present challenges.  Students will develop a range of instructional strategies for helping ESL learners to acquire these features.  Students will additionally learn different approaches to addressing learners’ grammatical mistakes and errors in written and spoken discourse.  In this process, students will explore some of the differing perspectives on grammar instruction in ESL classes, ultimately working towards developing their own philosophy of English grammar instruction in ESL instructional contexts.